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Over the last decade, the Foundry business model has revolutionized the semiconductor industry. By offering either scale or specialization, many electronic devices have been brought to market in foundry fabs, some of which would have otherwise never been developed. Regardless of whether your foundry expertise is standard logic, specialty analog, or high-end System-on-Chip (SOC), we have the experience and flexibility to support your rigorous requirements and business needs.

Unleashing New Designs

Bringing new designs to market is the lifeblood of the foundry business, yet prototyping can be both expensive and risky. Many cost management strategies are used for product development. We have extensive experience with MPWs, MLRs and RFRs to help you transform customer designs into working devices.

Unsurpassed Data Preparation for FoundriesBack To Top

Whether you have an MPW containing dozens of designs, or a highly visible SLR project for an extremely important end-customer, Toppan's data preparation experts will provide world-class support using proven and tested methods.

For example, we have developed flexible processes to handle the complex job assembly required for MPWs. We don't flinch when you need to change a single pattern or when you need to repeatedly rework an entire layer. Our systems are designed to cater to your aggressive and changing business needs.

Our latest generation job viewing tool, iView, provides both you and your customers the needed access and visibility to your jobs. This custom-developed software easily handles single-die review so that each of your end-customers can validate their layout. Before glass is commited to your MPW project, iView also provides a composite view of the entire reticle so that you can make necessary checks of the whole layout. This is just one example of how Toppan offers both the flexibility and data preparation competency needed to support your complex and diverse business requirements.

Peerless Project VisibilityBack To Top

As a Foundry, you need crisp and up-to-date status of your projects. Toppan has two highly flexible options to provide you with the personalized reporting you need.

Our Customer Service organization is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are always just a phone call away from hearing the latest update about your orders and learning when your products will be deliverd.

Additionally, we offer project statusing using our online Fast Track portal. You can create customized automated emails, setup electronic report distributions, or just look up your order status online. Combining Fast Track with our Customer Service Hotlines, Toppan is ready to provide you with unsurpassed visibility about your orders so that you can stay focused on your business.

Partnering Around the WorldBack To Top

Toppan has a long record of recognition for providing excellent products and services to foundries worldwide. XFAB named Toppan its Supplier of the Year in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and Tower-Jazz did the same in 2010.

Toppan also has several collaborative ventures with foundries. Since 2006, Toppan and IBM have co-developed the photomask technology used in the Common Platform alliance. And in 2010, we extended our partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES in the AMTC, our high-end development mask shop in Dresden, Germany.

We provide foundries with the right technology, innovative services, fast speeds, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. That's why Toppan is the right partner for your business.

We Stand Alone in ChinaBack To Top

Toppan serves the foundry market from all of our locations worldwide. But we are the only commercial photomask operation in China. This means smooth communication because we speak the same language and work in the same time zone, and fast turn times because of our simplified logistics. To put it simply, we are nearby, speak your language, and have the fastest delivery in the China market.

Scale to Support InnovationBack To Top

Many of our foundry customers deliver increasing value through use of technology. However, the challenge to keep pace with Moore's Law is becoming harder and harder. Whether you use double patterning, SMO or EUV lithography, Toppan's global R&D network offers both the scale and experience needed by advanced foundry customers. Explore our Technology to discover more.

Innovating InexpensiveBack To Top

Because we are the largest photomask manufacturer in the world, continual improvement and best-practice sharing has enabled us to offer the most cost-competitive product in the industry. We can guide you through a comprehensive analysis of your specific needs and provide you a product that works exactly as you want it to at a price you can afford.