IC Design

Turn-Key OPC Service

Toppan offers a comprehensive set of design-to-litho services for customers who do not have these capabilities, are searching for a lower cost solution, or desire a third-party backup and off-load partner. We provide a suite of services including OPC development and application, mask design, and lithography engineering. We can also transfer, test, qualify, run, and maintain your existing OPC recipes to provide either backup capabilities or cost reduction opportunities.

Outsourcing to us provides access to high quality, fast cycle mask synthesis capability with pay-per-use cost advantages. We offer multiple levels of service price points and flexible pricing models. We use leading edge, industry-standard lithography simulation and OPC tools combined with custom automation software that insures high quality. Our process seamlessly meshes with our mask manufacturing to ensure a smooth handoff and optimized cycle times.

We have over a decade of mask synthesis experience helping customers establish new lithography processes in support of their most advanced technologies. We support 250nm to 32nm nodes using both rules-based and model-based OPC methods, and our full-service solution also includes frame generation and layout capabilities. Lastly, our OPC process leverages Toppan’s well-known quality systems enabling us to deliver world-class service.

The Toppan Turnkey OPC Service follows four simple steps. We will collaborate with your engineering staff using this well-tested process to develop a perfect OPC solution for you.

Turn-Key OPC Service