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Interfacing digital circuits to the real world is a big business. So big, in fact, that the 100 million analog chips manufactured annually represent over half of the IC units produced globally. The world depends on analog devices to interface to our electronics, and our analog customers can trust Toppan to provide the world's best photomasks.

Transistor and Resistor Uniformity

Through our experience with analog customers, we've found mask-related factors that result in better transistor and resistor uniformity, improved binning, and reduced laser trim operations. Our advancements can save you time and money by reducing a source of variation in your chips. Contact Us to learn more.

Innovating InexpensiveBack To Top

We know that you are facing strong competition. Pricing pressure is intensifying as analog products move onto 300mm wafers. At Toppan, we know how to help you innovate on costs.

Because we are the largest photomask manufacturer in the world, continual improvement and best-practice sharing has enabled us to offer the most cost-competitive product in the industry. Working together with you, we will design a product that works exactly as you want it to at a price you can afford. This is just one of the ways we can help you stay competitive in a very challenging market.

Scaling Feature SizeBack To Top

If you are changing design rule or scaling feature size to improve performance or penetrate new analog segments, we have lithography services to support you during your transition. We can help you bridge the gap between design and wafer lithography to expedite your development activities and get your new products to market faster. Explore our Lithography Engineering Services, Frame Generation Services and Phase-Shift Masks to discover how we can help.

Automotive CustomersBack To Top

Analog chips are used throughtout modern automobiles. If your products are used in the automotive industry, Toppan is compliant to the ISO/TS 16949 automotive standard. Together with our other ISO certifications, our TS compliance strengthens your position with your customers.