Our Markets

Design Houses

Toppan has strong relationships with foundries around the world. In fact, many of our foundry customers have recognized us for excellence: XFAB named Toppan its Supplier of the Year in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and Tower-Jazz did the same in 2010. Meanwhile, IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have chosen to partner with Toppan to develop their next generation photomask technologies.

You can trust that we will deliver world-class products to your foundry partner. Our products will work seamlessly in their factories, and we will provide high-quality service that keeps them updated and well-informed.

The Secure Channel for Photomasks

Your designs are at the heart of your business, and so you guard them very carefully. At Toppan, we are equally serious about protecting your intellectual property. We have designed our manufacturing systems to ensure the highest levels of security while being transparent and convenient for you. From the moment we receive your data, through final shipment of your product and beyond, our priority is to keep your design safe.

At all of our facilities, physical plant security includes gates, badge readers, key codes, and security cameras. Beyond these standard protective methods, we further restrict physical access to the computer equipment that houses your data. We also have state-of-the-art security installed across our wholly-owned and operated data network. These measures include multiple levels of firewalls, encryption points, and intrusion prevention systems. Combining both these physical and electronic measures, you can rest assured that your information is safe with Toppan.

We Stand Alone in ChinaBack To Top

Toppan serves the foundry market from all of our Locations worldwide. But we are the only commercial photomask operation in China. That translates into secure and established channels with Chinese foundries. So no matter where you are around the world, you can Contact our local support to establish your reach into China.

Market ConsultationBack To Top

We are frequently invited by customers to come and speak to them about various market topics. We offer our perspective on issues like photomask cost management and industry technology trends.

For example, common product development strategies such as MPWs, MLRs and RFRs are difficult to implement, but offer significant cost advantages over conventional SLR solutions. Toppan has authored several papers on this topic, and we are happy to share extended details to help your company.

Long-term technology trends are also a hot topic when we visit design house customers. Toppan's development roadmap offers insight on industry trends and new products available in the market. For instance, our OMOG product, initially developed for the 28nm node, is a key advancement used in high-end 193nm immersion lithography. Together with our SMO work, the advantages of this new material beyond the 28nm node become evident in our discussions with customers.

We would be pleased to come speak with you about the electronics industry, the photomask market, and how Toppan can help your company reach its goals. Simply Contact Us to get started.

Common Platform TechnologyBack To Top

Toppan has co-developed the photomask technology for the Common Platform alliance. Besides IBM, this alliance has several foundry partners including Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. If your company is part of the Common Platform, or if you utilize one of the alliance foundries, our masks are plug-and-play ready when you need them.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES PartnershipBack To Top

Toppan partners with GLOBALFOUNDRIES in a high-end development mask shop in Dresden, Germany. Not only is the AMTC the only leading-edge photomask facility in Europe, it has also proven to be a highly successful business venture for nearly a decade. We take pride that GLOBALFOUNDRIES has chosen Toppan as its reticle development partner.