UT1X Masks

We have been making 1X reticles for Ultratech Steppers since they were founded in 1979. Our technical and engineering staffs have decades of experience and expertise, from design layout through manufacturing. This long track record with our customers and Ultratech has enabled us to develop the most reliable and highest quality UT1X reticles in the market today.

The UT1X Photomask Family

While the most common and frequently ordered UT1X reticle is still the 3x5 inch reticle, over the years the UT Product family has expanded to include 5" and 6" square varieties.

utx1 masks

utx1 masks

The Problems with Guides

Over the years, customers using UT1X Reticles have been faced with the chronic problem of Guides that come loose and eventually fall off the mask. After significant engineering and process redesign, Toppan is proud to manufacture UT1X Reticles with guides that will remain accurately and firmly bonded throughout the life of the product.

To accomplish this, Toppan uses a specialized UV-cured glue which:

  • Stays viscous for greater than 48 hours if not exposed to UV light. This allows us the time and ability to ensure the guides are in their proper position.
  • Cures in less than 5 seconds under UV light and instantly bonds the guides into position. This eliminates the risk of the guides moving in the time it takes the glue to dry giving our UT1X Reticles an incredibly tight skew guide x/y offset and skew rotation.
  • Withstands up to 1500 psi of shear stress. In other words, it is easier to break the quartz reticle than to unintentionally remove the guides.

Continuing to Innovate

We continue to make improvements to match the evolving needs of our customers. In addition to our optimized guide-mounting process, we have also custom-fitted our thru-pell inspection process for customers requiring smaller minimum defect sizes.

We have over 100 years of printing heritage, and we've built our reputation one customer at a time. We keep our focus on you, because our success is linked to yours.

UT1X Masks Manufactured In: