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Turn-Key LSI Service Toppan Design Center

Our turnkey LSI service is a total solution service addressing LSI feasibility studies. From design to manufacturing through to mass production, we leverage our core competencies in analog circuitry to meet our customers’ needs. Toppan provides a one-stop solution where we, on behalf of our customer, select the optimal wafer process and packaging, and conduct other required operations ranging from production control to quality management and testing.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive service from design through manufacture
  • More than 40 years LSI design experience
  • Analog technology expert group
  • Flexible design interface
  • Readiness to support low volume lot products
  • Readiness for production control and quality management
  • Readiness for developing/manufacturing board
  • Collaboration within Toppan group

Areas of ExpertiseBack To Top

  • High-Speed Transmission Circuit
  • LVDS, Serializer/Deserializer, CDS
  • RF wireless communication frontend
    • LNA, Mix, IF-AMP, GCA
    • PLL (Fractional, Integer)
  • AFE for sensors
    • High accuracy AMP (low power, low offset)
    • High accuracy ADC, DAC
  • Power Management IC

Our partner foundriesBack To Top

  • XFAB
  • TowerJazz
  • Global Foundries
  • SMIC
  • Silterra
Turn-Key LSI Service