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Bio-Nanotechnology, the science of biology has combined with world of nanotechnology to create the field of Bio-Nanotechnology. Bio-Nanotechnology enables the use of nano-devices, nano-particles, and nano-scale phenomena to explore the possibilities in a variety of bio-medical applications like drug delivery, nerve cell guiding, genetic analysis, micro fluidics, and life science research. The explosion of new applications is expected to push the global biochip market to $6 billion by 2015. Toppan is well positioned to help your business during this period of rapid growth. We have years of experience serving our Bio-Nanotechnology customers, and it's provided us with the expertise to make the best photomasks, templates or masters for a range of lab-on-chip or micro array applications.

Technology Customized for Bio-Nanotechnology

Your products reside at the intersection of biology and nanotechnology. Applying nanotechnology to the field of life sciences often requires slight modifications to the existing technologies. At Toppan, customization is our business. We look forward to optimizing our technologies to provide you a customized solution. Toppan has experienced working with customers to produce masks and templates used for:

  • DNA and protein sequencing masks
  • Micro channel devices
  • Nano particle templates
  • Lab-on-chip applications
  • Micro fluidic devices
  • MEMS devices

Engineering SupportBack To Top

Whether you know exactly what you need or are exploring photomasks, templates and masters for the first time, Toppan offers engineering support and consultation. This ensures we deliver a product that helps you achieve your goals.

International Research CollaborationsBack To Top

Much of our fundamental research is conducted within industry consortiums, such as IMEC and Selete. If your research project is semiconductor-related, we are a bridge into these prestigious organizations. We have over 100 years of printing heritage, and we've built our reputation one customer at a time. We keep our focus on you, because our success is linked to yours.