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The explosion of handheld devices containing accelerometers and gyroscopes is only part of why the MEMS market is expected to reach nearly $10B revenue and ship over 12 billion units by 2015. To understand the rest of the MEMS market, one only need look at the incredible product innovations underway. New applications like oscillators, micro fuel cells, microfluidics, bio-chips, speakers, micro displays, and microphones are expected to represent 10% of the total MEMS volume in the next years. Toppan is well positioned to help your business during this period of double-digit growth. We have decades of experience serving our MEMS customers, and it's provided us with the experience to make the best photomasks for MEMS applications.

Technology Customized for MEMS

The technology demands of MEMS photomasks are unique. Our experience with our MEMS customers has taught us how to tailor our processes to satisfy their needs. For example, stair-stepping is undesirable in wave-guide applications, so we apply specific process techniques to create smooth curves. Beveled angles are necessary in some micro-fluidic applications, and we use our grey-scaling experience to create the right sidewall structure.

At Toppan, customization is our business. We look forward to optimizing our technologies to provide you a customized solution.

Specialty MEMS FoundriesBack To Top

Toppan has relationships with all the major foundries around the world. So whether your company is a fab-lite OEM or a fabless design house, we have the experience and relationships to help you during this time of spectacular growth.

Differentiating While GrowingBack To Top

Nearly half of all MEMS shipments will come from 8" wafers by 2013, according to iSuppli. If you are changing wafer size to improve costs, using a new process to improve efficiency, or looking to get better performance out of your current lithography equipment, Toppan offers services to support you. Explore our Lithography Engineering Services, Yield Management Services, or Phase-Shift Masks and discover how we can help.

Depth of Focus ProblemsBack To Top

MEMS topography can create depth of focus (DOF) headaches for the lithographer, and DOF must be managed to achieve CD uniformity requirements. Toppan's Lithography Engineering Services and OPC Services can help you determine the optimal mask setup and exposure conditions to maximize your process window. Explore and discover how we can support you.

Automotive CustomersBack To Top

If your products are used in the automotive industry (pressure sensors, inertial sensors, etc.), Toppan's sites are compliant with the ISO/TS 16949 automotive standard. Together with our other ISO certifications, our TS compliance strengthens your position with your customers.