On-Chip Color Filters

The rapid growth of digital cameras, both as solitary devices and integrated into smart phones, has driven increased demand on the upstream supply chain. A critical component used in these cameras is the on-chip color filter (OCCF). OCCF are comprised of a Color Filter Array (CFA) and a Micro Lens Array.

Color Filter Arrays

CFAs are a mixture of tiny color filters placed over the individual pixels of an image sensor. Although the phototransistor generates an electric signal once it receives light, it does not produce any color image since it reacts only to light and dark. The color filter allows each pixel of the sensor to respond to a specific color. Toppan CFAs have a reputation for pristine color reproduction and high quality fabrication. We offer red, green and blue (RGB) CFAs or cyan, magenta, yellow and green (CMYG) CFAs.

Micro-Lens Arrays

The CFA is formed directly on each phototransistor, and atop the CFA is a Micro-Lens Array. These small lens elements perform two functions for the image sensor: enhance light gathering power and increase the device sensitivity.

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