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We are in the midst of a lighting revolution. The global illumination market is expected to nearly double in size over the next 10 years, reaching upwards of $100B. Because of improved power efficiency and low costs, LEDs will comprise more than 90% of all lighting. This big transformation means equally big challenges for LED manufacturers. Toppan is positioned to help.

We Stand Alone in China

Toppan serves the LED market from all of our locations worldwide. But we are the only commercial photomask operation in China. This means smooth communication because we speak the same language and work in the same time zone, and fast turn times because of our simplified logistics. To put it simply, we are nearby, speak your language, and have the fastest delivery in the China market.

Technology challengesBack To Top

We understand the technical challenges of LED processes. Special substrate materials and sizes, film stresses, and potential need to mix-and-match between contact/proximity and projection aligners all pose unique lithographic challenges. Let us help you find solutions to improve depth of focus, registration and defect control to maximize your device performance and yield.

Differentiating While GrowingBack To Top

If you are changing wafer size to improve costs, using a new substrate to improve device efficiency, or looking to get better performance out of your current lithography equipment, Toppan offers services to support you. Explore our Lithography Engineering Services, Yield Management Services, or Phase-Shift Masks and discover how we can help.

Automotive CustomersBack To Top

The advantages of LEDs have driven their rapid adoption in automotive lighting. If your products are used in the automotive industry, Toppan is compliant to the ISO/TS 16949 automotive standard. Together with our other ISO certifications, our TS compliance strengthens your position with your customers.