Our Markets

MCUs, DSPs and MPUs

Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors and Microprocessors have been the center of the IC revolution since the beginning. The personal computer boom of the last century has become the Smartphone, Entertainment Console, Notebook and Tablet explosion in the new millennium. But the requirements for this segment remain steady: high-density designs with tight CD control.

It's About Uniformity

CD control is essential for MCUs, DSPs, and MPUs. Whether you're pushing the limits of lithography with an i-line stepper or an EUV imager, improvement in CD control is welcomed by both process and product engineers alike.

Toppan has developed technologies and services to help maximize your imaging performance with our reticles. Explore our Lithography Engineering Services and Phase-Shift Masks to discover how we can help you achieve a few more nanometers of control.

IBM ConnectionBack To Top

Toppan has co-developed lithographic technologies, like our OMOG Masks with SMO, for the IBM Common Platform alliance. If your company is part of the Common Platform, or you use a Common Platform Foundry, our masks are plug-and-play ready when you need them.

Automotive CustomersBack To Top

Modern automobiles can have over 100 MCUs throughout the vehicle. If your products are used in the automotive industry, Toppan is compliant to the ISO/TS 16949 automotive standard. Together with our other ISO certifications, our TS compliance strengthens your position with your customers.