Dimming Films

Next generation windows on aircraft, trains, automobiles, and buildings will soon abandon manual shades in place of electrical dimming that switches the window between opaque and clear states. The Dimming Film from Toppan is a PET film with liquid crystals designed specifically for such applications. Toppan's advanced film technologies have helped make us a leader in the production of Dimming films.

Key Specifications

  • Film thickness: 120um
  • Response time: 50msec
  • Driving power: AC, voltage depends on size of the film
  • Transparency when clear: 80%
  • Variety of colors are available when opaque
  • Can be used as projection screen when opaque
  • Size and shape are customizable

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Dimming films modes

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Dimming films for automobiles, trains and aircraft
Automobiles, trains and aircraft
Dimming films for buildings
Dimming films for projection screens
Projection Screens