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LSI Design Service Toppan Design Center

We offer a broad range of analog, digital and mixed-signal LSI design.

RF & Wireless Communication

Wireless communication technology has been utilized in a wider range of applications including cell phone, electric appliances and wireless local area networks. Technology development of single chip RF CMOS transceivers has enabled low power consumption across multiple bands.

TDC has developed applications following the current technology trends.

  • RF Frontend for cell phone (PHS, PDC, WCDMA)
  • RF Frontend for codeless phone
  • RF Frontend for GPS
  • Weak signal communication, ISM band wireless communication transceiver
  • Silicon tuner

We will extend our business to the field of BAN (Body Area Network), smartphones, and tablet terminals.

High-speed TransmissionBack To Top

Data transmission volume has been growing. High speed data transmission is increasing not only for wired communication such as backbone system and long-distance communication including Ethernet, but also for non-wired communication such as interface system used in consumer products as represented by HDMI.

TDC has developed applications following the current technology trends

  • LVDS/RSDS Transmitter for FPD
  • Sub-LVDS for camera phone
  • SerDes Framer Interface
  • Receiver for System Interface level 5

TDC will develop transmission circuits with higher speed and lower power consumption.

Sensor CircuitBack To Top

Sensors are equipped in Cell phone, electric appliances, industrial equipments, vehicles, aerospace systems, medical devices, robots, and game machines, and further applications are expected.TDC has developed driving circuits for sensor devices including MEMS, output amplifier circuits, CMOS image sensor circuits, and more. TDC will further develop our capabilities for a wider range of applications such as 3D game machines.

Power ManagementBack To Top

Power circuits are used in almost all electric appliances such as PCs, PC peripherals, cell phones, digital cameras, liquid crystal displays, and LED lights.

TDC has extensive experience in power management including step-up, step-down, current control, voltage control, DC/DC, LDO, etc.. TDC will offer an optimized power management solution for our customers.

Li-Ion Battery ControlBack To Top

With the proliferation of mobile device applications such as cell phones, smartphones, and notebook PCs, Li-Ion batteries and Li-Ion polymer batteries are used as the rechargeable power source. They offer higher efficiency at a smaller size and a lighter weight.

Protection circuit is monitoring charge and discharge operations to assure the safety of Li-Ion battery.

TDC has developed battery protection IC for 3- to 7-serial cell for power tools such as electric devices and power assisted bicycles. TDC will continue to develop for the cutting-edge needs of this market.

Low Power Consumption LSIBack To Top

Low power consumption has become essential for LSI as energy saving awareness grows and use of mobile devices spreads.TDC has featured its own low power technology into the design flow to develop low power consumption LSI.