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The demand for fast and flexible storage has boomed in the last decade. Manufacturing innovations in DRAM, NAND and NOR devices have generated a 50% yearly reduction in per-bit-costs since 2000. Much of that reduction is thanks to ever-shrinking lithography line widths.

Every Nanometer Counts

Small feature sizes and tight pitches make image placement one of the most critical photomask parameters for memory devices. When designing leading-edge memory cells, error budgets are tight and the photomask must consume as little of this budget as possible. That's why our engineers carefully optimize and control critical process variables to achieve highly repeatable and uniform registration performance. Everything is meticulously engineered and monitored to give us the best performance, from stage speed and hysteresis to thermal acclimation time and chamber temperature. Each mask written by the pattern generators is evaluated for placement accuracy, and advanced process control techniques provide registration feedback to further ensure that we get it right every time.

CD control is also essential for memory devices. Systematic improvements in CDs are required by both process and product engineers alike. And equally important, while making improvements, is to maintain a consistent CD signature to ensure OPC stability. We have developed customized process monitoring designs that detect all types of CD variation, and we use these results to maximize our CD uniformity and maintain steady CD signatures.

Toppan has worked with memory manufacturers for decades. We understand the extreme demands placed on researchers and engineers, and we know that every fraction of a nanometer improvement we can make has a big impact for you. We take extreme pride to be called upon when the technology gets tough.

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Our customers deliver increasing value through use of technology. However, the challenge to keep pace with Moore's Law is becoming harder and harder. Whether you use double patterning, SMO or EUV lithography, Toppan's global R&D network offers both the scale and experience needed for memory customers. We know you don't buy masks "off the shelf", and we're ready to provide a reticle solution that is right for you.