IC Packaging

Flip Chip BGAs

As semiconductor design complexity and integration have grown with technology, new packaging solutions have become enablers. Toppan is a leader in cost-effective packaging materials with customized advanced Flip Chip Ball Grid Array organic substrates. Innovative packaging materials are essential to bring new designs quickly to market through the assembly and test steps.

Making the Right Connections

To bring a chip to life in a system, all of the signals and power must be connected from the die to the motherboard or card. And many new chip designs have thousands of input/output connections which must be routed between the die and the board.

By using wafer bumping, flip chip solder mounting, and high density organic BGA substrates, all of the complexity can be simplified for package assembly and package to board mounting. Customized FC-BGA's provide high volume manufacturing methods for the most advanced designs where high i/o counts make wirebond packaging impractical.

Reliability is Essential

FC-BGA substrates must fulfill a broad set of reliability requirements pending end use of a chip. Each segment may have unique specifications, but reliability is mandatory over the life and conditions of any product. We depend on chips for our communications, transportation, information, automation, and entertainment.

Reliability means no failures from stresses due to temperature, humidity, mechanical force, or power cycles. So for FC-BGA substrates, these rigorous reliability requirements are met with Toppan's highly engineered processes, carefully selected materials, and end product designs tuned by using our DFM principles.

Layered Designs with Advanced Materials

Organic FC-BGA substrates use highly specialized core and build-up layers to route precision copper conductors in traces, vias, and PTHs between the flip chip and mother board sides where solder resist and bumps form the mounting bonds. Through our tightly controlled factory processes, we offer a full complement of choices to satisfy the most stringent requirements and environmental standards.

We produce high quality FC-BGA substrate designs in sizes from 17 to over 50 mm in size. And if you design needs it, we have layer stacks over 16 planes deep. And our high frequency material sets combined with proprietary design rules make the signals fly through predictable impedance.

Toppan offers design services for your FC-BGA substrate with calibrated simulation throughout the performance window before we start the NRE tooling and manufacturing flow. We have the expertise and tools to get the most value and performance in your designs with first time correct confidence.

Time to Market on Your Schedule

Time to market can make or break a new design and prototype devices must be quickly tested as an assembled package before board trials against the design goals. When the wafer lot is finished, the FC-BGA substrates must be ready for assembly.

The clock is always running so our factory provides rapid delivery of prototype substrates on processes that can directly scale up into volume production. We have capacity for your products to grow with each new socket win.

Yet, we fully support the unique needs of advanced ASIC designs with services optimized for lower volume runs using quick turn flows.

Linking the Global Supply Chain

With applications and sales offices in all regions, Toppan's FC-BGA support is based on personal relationships where our experts guide your product through our ISO-9000 certified factory in Toyama Japan. We have staff near all of the major assembly lines to support logistics and immediately address any needs.

Custom by Design & Co-development

Toppan engineering thrives on new challenges and close teamwork with our customers to develop new products and technology. Our FC-BGA substrate product development team is always pioneering new FC-BGA applications to give performance, cost, and form factor benefits. Your concepts will be fully supported with our focused resources for new packaging solutions.