Our Markets


Like all logic customers, you demand fast turn-around time and low costs, regardless of whether you specialize in gate arrays, standard cells, display drivers, or PLDs. At Toppan, we deliver your designs on-time and in-budget so that you can stay focused on making chips and winning "sockets."

Making it Fast

Toppan has more manufacturing facilities than any supplier in the industry. We strive to make your masks quickly with the shortest possible logistics. Our sites are strategically located around the world so we can build your order in a facility ideal for you.

Innovating InexpensiveBack To Top

Because we are the largest photomask manufacturer in the world, continual improvement and best-practice sharing has enabled us to offer the most cost-competitive product in the industry. We will guide you through a comprehensive analysis of your specific needs and provide you a product that works exactly as you want it to at a price you can afford.

Unleashing New DesignsBack To Top

Bringing new designs to market is the lifeblood of the Logic business, yet prototyping can be both expensive and risky. Many cost management strategies are used for product development. We can help you with MPWs, MLRs and RFRs to transform your designs into working devices.

Scaling Feature SizeBack To Top

If you are changing design rule or scaling feature size to improve performance or reduce costs, we have lithography services to help with this transition. Explore our Yield Management Services, Lithography Engineering Services, Frame Generation Services and Phase-Shift Masks to find out how we can help.