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LSI Prototyping Service Toppan Design Center

TDC provides LSI prototyping services using production-processes.

General Features

We prepare purpose-fit technologies for our partners that includes: leading-edge 40nm general-purpose logic process, RF, mixed signal, CMOS image sensor, BCF, SiGe, high-voltage, etc.

  • Various libraries are available
  • Packaging service and extra dicing service are available
  • Special price for IP program prepared for LSI prototyping service
  • Circuit design, layout design, and data verification are available.
  • Support for transition to volume production

Multi-Project WafersBack To Top

Multi-Project Wafers (MPWs) are a simple and convenient prototyping service where a number of users share a wafer run. Each user benefits by avoiding the costs of ordering their own, custom full mask.

Multi-Project Wafers

Multi-Layer MasksBack To Top

Multi-Layer Masks (MLMs) are a photomask strategy that places same-grade layers onto one mask. This reduces the number of masks needed for the prototype, and thus reduces the overall cost.

Multi-Layer Masks

Service FlowBack To Top

Service Flow

LSI Prototyping PartnersBack To Top

Austria Microsystems eShuttle SiExpress™ Global Foundries
UMC Vanguard International X-FAB