Medium Area Masks

Many companies have come to realize the benefits of using 9" masks in Advanced Packaging Applications. A 9" mask can provide a single, complete exposure of an 8" (200 mm) wafer. A single exposure has the combined benefits of shorter processing time and reduced opportunity for process errors. Other applications taking advantage of 9" masks include: IC Packaging, Probe Cards, Micro-Springs/MEMS, Thin Film Disk Sputtering and Disk Drives.

The Medium Area Mask Photomask Family

We manufacture 9" masks using either Soda Lime or Quartz substrates. Some of our most common sizes and spec groupings are listed below.

med area masks

med area masks

med area masks

Global Experience Built-In

Toppan has the tools and know-how to deliver the masks you need. Through the combined experience of our global team, we supply medium area masks with exceptional resolution. We also provide customer service coverage around the clock and around the globe.

To meet the most demanding 9" requirements, we use pattern generators specifically designed to create circle, arc and non-Manhattan geometry patterns with sub-micron resolution. To ensure mask pattern fidelity, our auto-inspection tool communicates directly with our state-of-the-art repair system to perform precise repairs, if needed. The combination of our skilled operators and our advanced tools enable us to deliver zero-defect masks.

Continuing to Innovate

As our customers continue to push the boundaries of their products and technologies, we continue to make improvements to match their needs. By providing the improved performance of a Quartz 9" mask, our customers have been able to improve their performance over Soda Lime:

  • Quartz can achieve defect levels < 3um whereas Soda Lime cannot.
  • Quartz can achieve a flatness of < 15um whereas Soda Lime flatness is approximately 35um.
  • Quartz line-edges do not degrade over time. However, with Soda Lime products, sodium migration can occur causing up to 3um line-edge roughness.

We have over 100 years of printing heritage, and we've built our reputation one customer at a time. We keep our focus on you, because our success is linked to yours.

Medium Area Masks Manufactured In: