Our Markets


Toppan's standard photomask products are used widely within the electronics industry. However, our flexibility allows us to adapt our technology to build anything from precision gratings to other novel optical components. Whether your research is in biomedical, fluidics, electronics, solid-state physics, or another advanced field, we have the experience and technology to help with your project.

Flexible Data Formats

We have the systems in place to handle a wide variety of data formats including GDS, MEBES, CATS, DXF, Gerber, Oasis, and many others. If you have an alternate format, don't worry!

Engineering SupportBack To Top

Some of our university customers know exactly what they need, while others are exploring photomasks for the first time. We offer engineering support and consultation to ensure we deliver a product that helps you achieve your core project goals.

International Research CollaborationsBack To Top

Much of our fundamental research is conducted within industry consortiums, such as IMEC and Selete. If your research project is semiconductor-related, we are a bridge into these prestigious organizations.