Order Support Services

At Toppan, we know procuring photomasks is not the end goal of your process. Rather, it is one necessary step in creating a new chip so you can generate more revenue. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our Order Support systems to be reliable, flexible, simple and fast.

Customer Service

Our experienced and trustworthy Customer Service personnel are the center of our Order Support Services. Always just a phone call away, our teams are available to take your orders, answer your questions, and help you get your products quickly.

For our customers who prefer self-service tools, we have state-of-the-art online systems augmenting our Customer Service personnel. These customizable, secure, web-based applications enable you to directly place orders, view your data, and track your product throughout our factories worldwide.

Online OrderingBack To Top

Toppan Online is our most advanced photomask ordering system enabling you to place orders online. Using the latest web technologies, this tool simplifies product selection and price validation by integrating your latest quotation into the ordering process. Toppan Online also enables you to securely upload data files, will notify you when the jobdeck is ready for viewing, and allows you to electronically approve the jobdeck. You can release either single or multiple layers for manufacturing, replicate previous orders to save time, and use many other convenient features designed for speed and efficiency.

OrderDirect™ is the photomask ordering system that our customers have used for years. This application has seen high adoption by many tape-out groups because of the simple guidance through the order process. As with the Toppan Online system, all transactions are protected with SSL, the strongest browser encryption technology available on the web. 

Data ViewingBack To Top

iView™ is a web based interface that provides quick, reliable and easy to use remote pattern and jobdeck viewing. The simply designed interface allows you to view job layouts prior to manufacturing without having to invest in specialized viewing software or training. Full job view is a standard feature, and many of our customers also heavily use the single-die viewing on MPW orders. After completing your review, a simple notification tells us to begin manufacturing your photomasks. 

Electronic TrackingBack To Top

FastTrack™ is an online real-time application that allows you to see the status of your order at any of our facilities worldwide. This single, consolidated report is fully customizable for your individual needs. You can either login directly to see the status of your products, or setup automatic periodic notifications using a configurable distribution list. 

Data FracturingBack To Top

Toppan is committed to meeting and exceeding your complex and evolving data handling requirements. From simple one step data preparation to complex multi step fracturing, you can be sure that your design will be processed quickly and accurately through automated processes utilizing the most recognizable and reliable fracture software available.

Our Front End Engineers and Technicians have experience handling a wide range of data for diverse applications. We can even offer input and troubleshooting assistance, if desired. We handle data formats such as GDS, MEBES, CATS, DXF, Gerber and Oasis, and many more.

We deploy compatible hardware and the same version of extensively tested software at all of our sites so that you can be assured of consistent data handling regardless of geographic region or manufacturing site.

Data ArchivingBack To Top

After your order has been completed, we securely archive your original data for a minimum of one year, or even longer upon request. This enables you to quickly reorder a damaged mask, or replicate a mask set for a successful, high-running device. Convenient, simple and secure data storage is yet another way we support your business.