White Paper: Manufacturing of Metalenses using Nanoimprint Lithography.

Toppan Photomasks and EVG have coauthored a white paper that overviews the manufacturing process for Metalenses using Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL).  NIL technology from EVG combined with the high-quality mastering from Toppan allows the manufacturing of these sophisticated metalenses or metastructures.

One of the most exciting technologies on the horizon of photonics applications is the use and integration of metalenses and metastructures. As it provides a fundamental change in how to design and implement optical components it can create significant impact basically for any optical device like sensors, emitters, cameras, displays and AR/VR glasses. Metalenses comprise sophisticated nanostructures which enable focusing or dispersing of a light beam similar to a refractive lens. However, they have tremendous advantages as compared to conventional refractive lenses. Outstanding is the fact that they can be very thin and thus are also often referred as flat lenses. This makes them an ideal candidate for the integration into modules as this allows to reduce the size and complexity of lens stacks significantly. On top of this, it is possible to create best performing lenses which are e.g. aberration free, have highest numerical apertures or can focus polarization independently. All these advantages can be created due to flexibility in design and thus, metalenses are seen as next gen. optics. Overall metalenses are considered to replace conventional micro optics and optical elements for many applications but some of the added functions will also be complimentary to conventional micro optical stacks and modules.

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