Toppan Printing and SCIVAX establish world’s first mass production of large-area nanoimprinting through new capital and business alliance

Tokyo, Japan

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Toppan), the world’s premier photomask manufacturer, announced today that it has agreed to enter into a capital and business alliance with SCIVAX Corporation  establishing the world’s first volume production system  capable of large-area nanoimprinting, extending the addressable market and expanding the application space  for this low-cost microfabrication technology.

This new business alliance will accelerate  development of large-area nanoimprint while reducing the cost of large-format panels for  big screen televisions, displays and digital signage while maintaining the highest quality production standards. Toppan and SCIVAX have established a business model providing total solutions from application development, to prototyping, to volume production. Sample shipments of large-area nanoimprint products are expected in 2017.

Toppan will acquire more than 25% of SCIVAX shares to become the largest shareholder. The two companies will integrate Toppan’s semiconductor photomask lithography technologies and master mold manufacturing technologies with SCIVAX’s optical designing and nanoimprinting fabrication technologies. The resulting business will provide comprehensive services from application development, and manufacturing of molds, to   end product manufacturing.

Toppan produces master molds by applying the same optics design and micro-fabrication processes used in production of IC photomasks and silicon stencil masks. The company also owns large-scale glass substrate manufacturing technologies and supplies liquid crystal color filters to flat-panel manufacturers world-wide. SCIVAX is the only company in the world offering nanoimprinting foundry services across multiple segments based on its unique  technologies.

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